Welcome to The Restaurant Salas 23

Redefining domestic experience

We preserve the tradition of the best local Montenegrin cuisine.



National restaurant "Salas 23" is located on Zeta river slopes, on the fifth kilometer of Podgorica-Spuž road which is, at the same time, the new road to Ostrog Monastery. The restaurant is spread out on 8,000 m2 property. Salaš 23 has a restaurant, a lounge and a glass hall. In addition, the complex owns a large terrace on the property, and there  is a children's park for the juveniles.  There are 150 parking lots for guests.

National specialties

Restauran offer

We recommend the national specialties: baking beneath the bun, kacamak, cicvara, cooked veal and other national dishes. We bake several kinds of bread as well as pies with cheese, cabbage and potatoes. The delight of all this is exactly the domestic barks that are mades in our kitchen. Apart from salty, there are also sweet home-made treats: baklava, urmašica, apple and cherry pie.

A place for celebration

The bridal salon

Within Salas 23 restaurant there are three celebration halls and an open terrace. The restaurant part has a capacity of 100 seats. The bridal salon is 555 m2 and has a capacity of 300 seats. The glass room has a capacity of 60 seats. The open terrace has a capacity of 300 seats. Our halls are designated for wedding celebrations, birthdays and other events. In addition to this, it can also be used for other types of events such as presentations, seminars and business meetings.